I'm facing parse error while installing any app in android. How can i fix it?

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I can't install some android apps in my mobile. It keeps saying "There is a Problem Parsing the Package". I'm encountering it while installing these apps from google play store. Even, I've downloaded the latest .apk from third-party websites and it also says the same thing. But, The same .apk file works fine in my another mobile. What's going on? How to fix this parse error? Can anyone help?


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  • hkhasib
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    Unfortunately, This error occurs more on low end or older smartphones. You have mentioned your another phone is just working fine with the same apk file. Else, I've found so many peoples who faced this error. Most of their smartphones were very old or low end. So, I'm afraid that the latest versions of some apps may not be compatible with their hardware. Though, These are compatible with software version of the smartphone. In that case, I recommend you to download previous .apk version and see if it works.


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